Don’t Blink … a Trailer

There’s been demand for a youTube trailer, for Don’t Blink, so we set the Thngs to work a couple weeks back to put together a video together.

The trailer previews glimpses of the new Menu screen, the Shop (where you can customize your own spaceship), Arcade and Race mode (with up to 4 players).

Here’s what they came up with.  Enjoy!


Free App A Day

Hey sports fans!

We are excited to announce that Don’t Blink will be featured on’s website on August 26th, 2011.  This means that Don’t Blink, currently available for $0.99 USD/CAD will be FREE for download (and enjoyment) this Friday!

Over the last few months, we have been working on an huge upgrade in terms of features built into Don’t Blink.  Version 1.0.5 boasts the following exciting new features:

  • Beautiful Retina Display graphics
  • A new bounciful Menu screen
  • Stunning new splashscreen
  • 3 modes of play
  • Story (Play 6 stages on either Easy or Hard mode, and bounce to the Moon)
  • Arcade (Survival; Reach new heights, compete for highscores, and outrun the Monster
  • Race (Multiplayer; test your tap/bouncing skills against your friends and others through GameCenter or Bluetooth, and race over a 10 level course in the Arctic)
  • Customized Ships (build your own)

So, there are tons of new features to explore with Don’t Blink v1.0.5

Unfortunately, v1.0.4 was shipped with a critical bug for only iPod Touch 4th Generation devices.  This bug has been fixed with version 1.0.5!  For those who were affected, we regret the inconvenience, and hope you are now enjoying all Don’t Blink has to offer.

So, go ahead and download Don’t Blink for free on August 26th, through or simply through iTunes.

Enjoy, and ultimately, have fun!

Don’t Blink version 1.0.2 Now Available for Download

Don’t Blink v1.0.2 is loaded with new features to enhance gameplay.

In addition to the recent Retina Display update, Don’t Blink now features 6 stages, instead of 3, allowing players more opportunity to maximize their high scores!  Version 1.0.2 also sports a new Icon, new Splashscreen, Menu and Stage Select designs and layouts.

Fans can now easily share the joy of Don’t Blink with friends and family with the simple-to-use Share button.  Share your highscore with friends on Facebook, tweet a screenshot of the colourful new Menu page to your followers, or send either to friends and family through email … all from within the game!

Version 1.0.2 is really just the tip of the iceberg.  Keep your eyes peeled for even more exciting updates that will continue to ensure you Don’t Blink!

As always, we welcome your comments and feedback.

Much thanks,

Thng Studios Inc. team

RETINA DISPLAY Update Released!

Don’t Blink v1.0.1 is ready for download on the App Store, featuring the awesomness of the iPhone 4’s Retina Display!

Go get it now, and indulge in the pixel-rich graphics!

Don’t Blink v1.0.2 will include the fix for the older device issues, and more surprises!  We have listened to players’ feedback, and implemented some great features for the next update.

Stay tuned, and Don’t forget to Blink 🙂