Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: How do you pronounce “Thng”?

A: Thng in the game is pronounced “thing”, but is in fact also the middle name of one of our developers, pronounced “Ting” (see About section within the Don’t Blink).

Q: Do I need to drag each object to the stack?

A: No, an object is added to the stack as soon as your finger touches it.

Q:  I have a new high score, but it doesn’t appear on the Leaderboards

A: In order for scores to be uploaded to the Leaderboards, you must (1) have an internet connection, and (2) be signed into GameCenter.  If you are signed into GameCenter, but do not have an internet connection, your score will be saved offline, then uploaded when you establish a connection at a later time and are logged in under the correct GameCenter account.

Q: If I replay a Stage will my previous score be overridden?

A: No, your score will update only if your new score is better (greater) than your existing high score.

Q: How do you set the game to Hard mode?

A: Tap the Easy button

Q: Why should I play Don’t Blink’s Hard mode if I have already won on Easy mode?

A: Play and you will find out 🙂


If you receive an error in the App Store when attempting to download the application, have inquiries into the purchase of the app, or are experiencing any issue with your account with billing or purchasing, you need to contact iTunes Store Customer Support.